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Slater Builders Inc.

Slater Builder's website is designed to give the client a clear understanding of the company's extensive portfolio of services and experience.

Adhering to our minimalist approach, we developed a beautifully simplistic design with endless functionality allowing the users to easily navigate through the content-rich environment.

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Project Page

We developed a custom Content Management System (CMS) to enable the Slater Builders team to effortlessly update content, and apply attributes that seamlessly integrate into the user interface

Team Page

The Team page gives the potential client an opportunity to meet the entire Slater Builder's team before exploring each member's profile.

Profile Page

The team members profile page provides the clients with a detailed look at each member's professional experience.

For seamless referencing, each members company portfolio is fully interactive with their completed projects spread throughout the site.

Client Page

The Client page was a nice touch to give potential clients a glimpse at the company's most notable achievements.